In the famous Naschmarkt neighborhood, the Japanese restaurant, Kuishimbo, sits at the ground floor of the acclaimed Majolikahaus designed by architecture Otto Wagner. Frequently, tourists are too busy looking around in the Naschmarkt, or too overwhelmed by the vivid and colorful floral paintings on the wall of the Majolikahaus to give this tiny restaurant a second look.

This restaurant was actually introduced to me by a friend, Chanteuse, who has mentioned it several times on Plurk. Last time when we went to paint our own mugs at Made-By-You, we had dinner here thereafter. By then, I ordered Yakiudon which was too dry for my taste and thus, failed to impress me much. However, later on, after a few times of revisiting, I start to fall in love with this easily missed restaurant.





Kuishimbo, like many bistros in Asia, has its menu printed and pasted on the wall, so to check the menu, I often sore my neck muscle due to the narrow space herein. However, I personally like the coziness rendered by such a tiny restaurant which seems like the bistro at the corner down the street of your house.

Kuishimbo, run by a family of three, parents and a son, does provide the "your friendly neighborhood" atmosphere. The family style food are nothing high-end and the prices are affordable. One main dish plus a drink would cost something between 10 to 15 Euros. Not the cheapest you can find, but it's definitely worth it.

Like what Chanteuse has said on Plurk, Kuishimbo is its own universe. A lot of customers here are regulars, among whom many are Japanese; hence, every time I dined here, there would be a regular or two chatting with the owner in Japanese. For one second, I almost thought that I was actually back in Asia.

Agedashi Tofu


The Agedashi Tofu here is slightly too soft for me, but the sauce is really taste.

Taco Wasabe 








Tako Wasabe is one of my favorite dishes here. The tender crispy squid with spicy wasabe makes it a perfect partner for some cold beer!

Niku Udon




My personal favorite of the restaurant is definitely Niku Udon. The broth is so good that I just couldn't resist it, especially on a cold cold winter's day.




My sister ordered Oyakodon which comes with a side dish (seaweed). Even though I didn't get to taste it, it does look quit tasty and my sister really likes it, too!



Linke Wienzeile 40, Wien

If by any chance, anyone would like to visit Kuishimbo, it is located at:

Linke Wienzeile 40, Wien


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